#270 My man 1.0

I was missing you.
Before I met you.


#267 Soon

He’s going to be here
with nothing left but bare skin.

– And while in this freezing summer
an August day ends –
I wait.

Soon. He will be here

#254 Unspoken love



#237 He used to say

Some kind of love keeps on crawling,
creeping inside all along.
Just like some kind of hate.

Didn’t he use to say
I hate and I loveĀ ?

#230 A woman

When all hope is gone
and the night fills the day

When time is over
and fighting is meaningless

A woman can still be loving.

#220 A sad lover 1.0

It’s because of love
– he used to say –

He enjoyed the feeling of his own sorrow,
as if he was the only one,
as if love could have been the defence for his own guilt.

#216 A sad mistress 1.1

As she lies in her bed,
as she walks on a street,
as she cooks her meals.

She desires something more,
she desires someone else’s love.

#214 A sad mistress 1.0

She knows she can’t survive alone,
she knows she’s not enough on her own.

She knows she’s using that love
just to fill her own emptiness.

She knows that soon it will be over,
she knows it’ll be her own fault.

She knows she is going to be
the disgrace of them both.


I can live through my words and
I can love with my heart,
and yet my words can’t talk about my heart.

#207 A lost heart

There was a time when beating was like breathing,
when talking was like listening and love meant living.

Now that we are lost there’s no honey sweet enough,
there’s no place to come back to,
and no hate can fill this silent room.