#280 My body

A shell
left beside
along with my weight.

As if I wasn’t there.
My body


#279 Second chance

Love. A second chance.

Like knocking on an open door.

#277 Where love begins

Like stone carved by waves
your mind is shaped
out of reason.

Your weakness lies
where love begins.

#276 I write

He works and cannot rest.
He builds, he creates
a future.

And I
sleep and rest.
I write.

#275 Opus 1.0

Neglected but not forgotten.

Ink stain on a paper.

#265 Back from a trip

Looking at things, staring, observing.

If money has a price then it must be pretty low.
For your eyes to see.

My glasses won’t help.

#257 An answer

There was a time
when an answer came
before any question had been made.

#256 Ghosts

Something new and warm scares me,
but it’s just an old feeling
made up of ghosts.

Something empty waits to be clean,
free from spiderwebs and dust.

#253 Carefulness 1.0

If I don’t write is because
I’m being careful.
My feelings won’t let me expose.

And yet my heartbeat
and my voice trembles.
My skin changes as I wait asleep.

#252 Speak & write

I can speak because
you are reading.
I can write because
you are listening.