#281 Time 5.0

A year feels like a day and
a day feel like a hour.
Minutes run by like sand
through my hands.

All because I’m with you


#270 My man 1.0

I was missing you.
Before I met you.

#269 Time 4.0

Counting years as passing days

– while seasons won’t change –

#262 Time 3.0

If I have no time for waiting
it is because
loving takes it all.

#261 A cat sleeps still

Today is where past and future meet.
Today is that time,
and a cat sleeps still.

#249 The four seasons

There’s a season of hate
and it’s all about wasting time.

There’s a season of joy
but it flutters, inconstant as the wind and the moon can be.

There’s a season of pain,
always lying underneath our everyday, creeping and longing to surface.

And there’s a season of love,
and it, supposedly, never ends.

#236 Time 2.4 ~ Still

They say summer will soon be here.

But while spring has just begun,
a heart lays on a winter ground.


#228 Time 2.3

As time runs
and spring walks,
I sit still…
moving on.

#223 Time 2.2

There’s no easy wake up,
nor invisible make up.

Drop by drop – time –
is just falling.

#215 Just as it feels

It seems like
the next day will never come.

It seems like
we’re living someone else’s life.

And yet – surely –
mine isn’t yours.