#277 Where love begins

Like stone carved by waves
your mind is shaped
out of reason.

Your weakness lies
where love begins.


#272 Ghosts 1.0


Being afraid of a past
that is far away from this present.

#268 My man

My man has strong hands and strong heart.

Strong his embrace
and warm his voice.

#260 Flowers without leaves

This is a season
of flowers without leaves.

Floating over my heart:
sudden spring after frost and winds.

#256 Ghosts

Something new and warm scares me,
but it’s just an old feeling
made up of ghosts.

Something empty waits to be clean,
free from spiderwebs and dust.

#255 I write

I write because I taste.
I write because I feel.
I write because I hear.
I write because I see.

I write because I love
and there’s nothing else
I’d rather do.

#154 Love assured

Sometimes love can’t be assured,
but taking care could be a good way
to keep on going.

#150 Fragile

While the birds can sing
I shut my mouth,
too afraid to speak my mind.