#271 A politician

Has no name, only a seriously smiling face.

A politician
speaks but cannot act,
thinks without a clue
and changes with every morning breeze.


#270 My man 1.0

I was missing you.
Before I met you.

#269 Time 4.0

Counting years as passing days

– while seasons won’t change –

#268 My man

My man has strong hands and strong heart.

Strong his embrace
and warm his voice.

#267 Soon

He’s going to be here
with nothing left but bare skin.

– And while in this freezing summer
an August day ends –
I wait.

Soon. He will be here

#266 Rain

Rain pouring down,
water flowing and covering
what was left of a memory
aiming to sink into the past.

#265 Back from a trip

Looking at things, staring, observing.

If money has a price then it must be pretty low.
For your eyes to see.

My glasses won’t help.

#264 A soul

And it’s in my giant body
that lies my soul.

And in my sleep it flies.
And with my words it breaths.

#263 Ode to a woman

You took him
and it’s ok – and yet dare to say
you are not fit for family.

Of course you are not:
there’s no invisible shit
– as you declare to be –
Shit just stinks.

#262 Time 3.0

If I have no time for waiting
it is because
loving takes it all.