#279 Second chance

Love. A second chance.

Like knocking on an open door.


#83 A dripping umbrella

The girl entered the room with wet shoes and a dripping umbrella.
Spring had just shown a pale face
and soon it was winter again,
but this time there was no heating ready.

When another man opened the door
he looked at her and said «So, how is it today?».

#64 The lover 1.8

Half naked he stood by the door:
didn’t dare to look to the mirror.

«You are too old» she said,
just like a child to her dad.

#52 The lover 1.5

The cleaning lady knocked at the door:
nobody answered, so she opened it.
She found somebody laying near the darkest wall,
sadly looking at the closed window.

He turned his head and smiling told her:
“How is it that love is the only thing
that stays the same even if
you change point of view?”

“I don’t think so, sir”
she said.