#281 Time 5.0

A year feels like a day and
a day feel like a hour.
Minutes run by like sand
through my hands.

All because I’m with you


#279 Second chance

Love. A second chance.

Like knocking on an open door.

#267 Soon

He’s going to be here
with nothing left but bare skin.

– And while in this freezing summer
an August day ends –
I wait.

Soon. He will be here

#258 A sparkling fire

An other month is gone,
yet winter scares me less.

Not because I’m braver,
but because – this time –
I’m feeding a sparkling fire.

#254 Unspoken love



#249 The four seasons

There’s a season of hate
and it’s all about wasting time.

There’s a season of joy
but it flutters, inconstant as the wind and the moon can be.

There’s a season of pain,
always lying underneath our everyday, creeping and longing to surface.

And there’s a season of love,
and it, supposedly, never ends.

#248 The fear

I fear the most when it’s dark and uncertain,
and yet it is not unhealthy.

It could bring some love and some light,
and yet – as I’m ready to jump –
it scares me and leaves me breathless.
The fear.

#246 Under the sunlight ~ A kind man

There’s a man under the sunlight,
and shades of green and blue are slowly sliding together.

A radio speaks while he smokes, drinks and reads,
and stares, smiles, loves
and lives.

#237 He used to say

Some kind of love keeps on crawling,
creeping inside all along.
Just like some kind of hate.

Didn’t he use to say
I hate and I loveĀ ?

#230 A woman

When all hope is gone
and the night fills the day

When time is over
and fighting is meaningless

A woman can still be loving.