#274 A real man

A real man
doesn’t need a a woman
to show he’s a real man.

And yet
a real man
is not afraid
of being a father.


#273 A man

My woman has no meaning
lives because of my power,
lives because I’m breathing.

My woman owns my war.

#270 My man 1.0

I was missing you.
Before I met you.

#246 Under the sunlight ~ A kind man

There’s a man under the sunlight,
and shades of green and blue are slowly sliding together.

A radio speaks while he smokes, drinks and reads,
and stares, smiles, loves
and lives.

#220 A sad lover 1.0

It’s because of love
– he used to say –

He enjoyed the feeling of his own sorrow,
as if he was the only one,
as if love could have been the defence for his own guilt.

#204 A lost man

He walks away, too afraid to turn back.
But he knows he’s lost:
he can’t find his way back home,
where a little light sparkles still.

#167 The girl 5.1

There are times when I – simply – can’t think.
While waiting for the next stop to arrive
I stare at a staring man.

Tomorrow a new day will be here
and I – still – don’t know what to do.

#161 The young man 1.1

He followed a defined path,
too afraid to face any consequence.
The world looked at him as a good child,
then as a successful man.

Truth was that he was already dead,
even before his own birth.

#149 In a coffee shop

This man is sitting in a coffee shop,
drinking while thinking,
staring into blank space.
he can’t find any answers.

#102 The girl 3.0

«You thought I would have waited in fear,
but instead I’m here to face you»

He understood then that he didn’t really know her.