#266 Rain

Rain pouring down,
water flowing and covering
what was left of a memory
aiming to sink into the past.


#261 A cat sleeps still

Today is where past and future meet.
Today is that time,
and a cat sleeps still.

#66 The bumble bee

The old house he used to know was gone,
after so much struggling nothing was left.
There were just a few old memories of a distant past.

«At least light is still the same» he said to a bumble bee.

#55 An old man

On a fine day she took care of an old man.
He looked so pitiful that
she washed his clothes and
had him take a shower.

He kept on talking about his glorious past,
and how sun was warmer then.

#51 The smile

When in need of inspiration
he thinks about the past.

Then, on a sunny day, in an old hotel room
– alone with his back to the wall –
suddenly he knows that
he has no more future.
And so he smiles.