#273 A man

My woman has no meaning
lives because of my power,
lives because I’m breathing.

My woman owns my war.


#82 A man of 62

There’s a man of 62 with the power to decide,
he has spent all his life trying to be the best he could.
He has reached some kind of social status, a little money probably.
This man thinks he is always right.

he is unable to love, can’t really trust anybody,
suspicious of everything, he has no rest.
he spends his nights without sleep,
staring at the light of and empty fridge.

This man doesn’t know it yet,
but all he’s going to gain is a lonely old age.

#69 The lover 2.1

Somebody was laughing but he didn’t care,
all he knew was she liked his gaze,
for the first time he knew it.

That moment he understood he had the power
and took a mental snapshot.