#274 A real man

A real man
doesn’t need a a woman
to show he’s a real man.

And yet
a real man
is not afraid
of being a father.


#273 A man

My woman has no meaning
lives because of my power,
lives because I’m breathing.

My woman owns my war.

#263 Ode to a woman

You took him
and it’s ok – and yet dare to say
you are not fit for family.

Of course you are not:
there’s no invisible shit
– as you declare to be –
Shit just stinks.

#250 A woman 1.0

If everything has a price
then – believe me –
I’m way too expensive.

#230 A woman

When all hope is gone
and the night fills the day

When time is over
and fighting is meaningless

A woman can still be loving.

#225 On a Friday night

On a Friday night – a sudden move –
and a dress gets torn.
Nothing too complicated, just a button.
And yet we need help.

Not from wine, nor from useless words,
just a hand capable to sew.

And so another talent is discovered
in our crazy-blazing woman’s world!

#156 A pathetic you

I didn’t feel this way since a long time:
I thought it was over after teenage years.
But now – as I look at the mirror –
I can only see the pathetic me:
the one that cannot let go of a woman.

#80 The lover 3.0

As a child he was not so brave,
he loved flowers and chocolate,
everything needed to be sweet.

Years later he ¬†couldn’t remember
how it was like. He only knew – then –
that a woman, if she smells too sweet,
may be dangerous.

#77 The girl 2.2

She grew up believing that a woman
needs a man to depend on,
she didn’t know that love means to share,
and it’s a perfectly unperfected.
What now? She was no more a little girl,
yet she couldn’t understand it.

#71 Suddenly

And suddenly the street was wider,
trees were bigger and green brighter.
She knew then that she was no longer a girl,
but an independent woman.

This way of choosing had life to become meaningful,
yet tiring. So she took a deep breath.
Then she closed her eyes.